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the political rhetoric that both -- here is barack obama telling a black crowd basically they aren't part of the american community. he said florida was with hurricane andrew, and with hurricane katrina it wasn. the facts simply weren't true, hurricane katrina got $110 billion to the gulf coast. well more than was spent in new york, with the stafford exemption. additional grant for the federal government. had a white politician done this to a white crowd crowd, saying a black president was denying funds to a white section of the country as not part of the community, the press would tear him alive. if you don't believe me, ask trent lott. >> is it also the way president obama was speaking? did it raise his eyebrows to you and it shows president obama is different than the way he regularly portrays himself? >> anderson, i'm from louisiana, if i were talking to you the way i talked to friends back home, you wouldn't be able ton me. >> my dad is from mississippi. >> this is a politician pandering to a crowd. george bush would sound more southern below the mason/dixon line. and the right still
telling an audience of black patrons that america does not like black people. that is when the obama departed from his prepared remarks. according to the person who has the video this has not been seen before. if the media had seen this, how come i haven't. why haven't shown its list? they bury something. gerri: your book has created more controversy than anything i have seen in a long time. i have a theory about this. this is a story about black people. blacks are just props to dress up the left, and this is the thing that i think the people of gotten. >> it's not black people saying i hate this book. its people on the left to are saying you are insulting it because you say we are manipulating people. i have exposed their stamp. we will read about a lot of black heroes and my book that liberals have been hiding from you because they want to celebrate the black cop killers, the gangster rappers. now tell you about the ones who testified against the cop killers and to save people in the middle of the l.a. riots. a lot of very heroic blacks. white liberals. this is a scandal have been
did. here's barack obama telling a black crowd that basically they are part of the american community. he said florida was with hurricane andrew and with hurricane katrina it wasn't. the facts were not true. hurricane katrina got $110 billion to the gulf coast. well more than was put in with the stafford exempt. they got additional grants from the government. had a white position done this to a white crowd saying a white president was denying sections to a white part of the community, the press would be tearing him alive. if you don't believe me, ask trent lock. >> are you saying it is also the way president obama was speaking that raises eyebrows for you and this shows president obama is different than the way he regularly portrays himself? >> anderson, i'm from louisiana, if i were talking to you the way i talk to friends back home, you wouldn't be able to understand me. >> my dad is mississippi, so i did go down to a mississippi reunion. >> george bush sounded more southern below the mason/dixon line. politicians on both sides do that. i don't hold him at fault for trying to sound
daily callee"... president obama tells an audieece of black ministers ttat the u-s government negleeted hurricane katrina victiis because of raci. rrcism. 2:10--:43 whole sot:when hurricane andrew sruck in florida they said... heres the money... pbcause youre parr of the american familywhat happened orleans............ makes no sense....bullet hasnt been taken out.. the people down in pew hasnt been taken out.. makes no sense... ullet hhsnt beenaken out.. thh people orleans they don't care about aa much. much.the 40 minute video wass shot in june of 2007 at reverend jeremiah wright was in the audience.he's thee president's former everenn who came under fire during the 2008 presidentiil campaign for his raciaaly chargee sermons. phere's a new head of f-b-i operattons in baltimore. stephen vvgg has bben nammd as the new leader of the city's f-b-i field offiie.vogt started with the agency in 19- 89.his most recent assignment was in afghanistan. 3 the orioles got dominated by tampa bay's pitcher last night.... but still managed to pull out a viccory in the second to last game of he s
is here to explain. in a campaign ad from president obama is not telling the whole truth on governor romney's plan to the economy. >> he would double down on the same trickle-down policies that led to the crisis in the first place. ashley: we have the added and the facts the campaign conveniently left out. the nfl gets political, pro football owners and players making their voices heard on the campaign trail fulfilling from their bank account. joining us to talk politics and football in just ...seems like you guys got a little gassed out there. enough already. c'mon guys. next question. hello! what's your favorite color? what's my favorite color? yes. purple. what's your favorite animal? sea turtle. what's your bedtime? do you believe in space aliens? ...i love puppies. hash browns or home ies? home fries. do you like my dress? why can't you guys ask good questions like this? [ morgan ] for a chance to interview an nfl player... join visa nfl fan offers and make your season epic. ashley: the fbi is trying to determine who shot two border patrol agents killing 30-year-old agent and wo
on the middle class, that's the important part. what he's saying is that when obama tells you, hey, middle class, you have to buy insurance or pay money to the government, that's a tax and obama is taxing the middle class. >> switch the names. how does obama attack romney if r -- >> he may say, hey, why are you objecting to my plan when it is based on your plan to a larger extent. i think he'll say the candidate care, where is the health plan. romney has not laid out details. he's got ideas but the details are not out there. >> feels like a wash, doesn't it? >> i think it feels like you're going to feel more passionate after the debate because people feel so strongly about this. >> or confused. that's what you'll be here for tomorrow. elizabeth cohen, thank you. good to see you in person. >>> did i remind you, you, yourself, can see how these guys are going to speak of the issues tonight. what do they have to say about health care, the economy. it is the first presidential debate of 2012. it is important. debate night 2012, watch it here live, cnn, starting at 7:00 and cnn.com. >>> all right, so
because of barack obama! zing! >> i will tell you this, people. i would not (bleep) barack obama's economy with the (bleep). zing! >> zing! >> the candidates are preparing for wednesday's debate we go to senior correspondent aasif mandvi. >> you are with the romney camp, how is he doing? >> he is prepping the best he can, jon, but you hate to see an uphill battle like this, this is the president, the greatest or for this, orator this country has seen since lincoln. >> like i mean, mitt romney, talk about brilliant two, harvard degrees, the guy has never even lost an argument, he is no slouch, i mean, he is the president. >> smoke and mirrors, jon, right now they are drilling him on basic grammar skills. hoping to get some agreement during this debate. >> romney's people are just hoping he remains up right. >> he is a buying napper, jon, buying napper. >> mitt romney, 90 minutes awake and up right means buying win for the camp. >> jon: well, i certainly imagine romney will accomplish that. >> barack obama can only count to 27. >> jon: all right. all right. >> mitt romney has never
of a single debate? we'll find out tonight. >>> a battle of dualing videos from the vault. president obama in 2007 telling an audience of african-american ministers that the federal government didn't care as much about katrina victims than it does other disasters. and paul ryan declaring that 70% of the americans want the american dream. the others want the welfare state. the question is do either of these impact the way voters view these two men? >>> and some
mccain for his debate against president obama. he tells bill o'reilly what mitt romney will need to do in order to come out on top tonight. listen to this. >> the burden in the debate is on the governor, or am i wrong? >> i think you are absolutely right. while the challenger gets elevated by being on the stage with the president clearly the president is on the mountain top. he won the last set of debates. there has to be a compelling reason for change. governor romney has the burden of proof. >> you prepped john mccain for his debate with barack obama. mccain held his own but didn't bring the debate to the president mccain never brought it to him. this guy doesn't know what he is talking about he is talking in generalities but that didn't get through to the electorate who liked obama and still likes obama. >> that is one of the reasons he has to go on offense. >> we will see tonight. coverage starts at 8:55 eastern time with megan kelly and bret baier. they will be live from denver. >> now test time for the 5@5:30. the accused fort hood shooter one step closer to a trial. a military a
barack obama telling a large black audience that the administration couldn't see part of the united states. >> first of all, that's not what he said. >> yes it was what he said. he told a large black audience that the bush administration considered new yorkers part of the american community and floridians part of the american community, but he didn't consider them in new orleans part of the american community. that's telling a black audience who clearly understood what he was saying with the analogy of the bullet in the baby's arm that somehow they weren't part of the american community. >> unfortunately i have to leave it there. thank you both for being with us this morning. erick, i wish you were in studio. >> i think it would be more fun. >> we did have fun. >> we'll have more fun in the next hour. >>> 39 minutes past the hour. it is go-time. the first presidential debate takes place tonight live at 7:00 eastern on cnn and on cnn.com. >> you guys have too much fun, what are you talking about? >>> let's turn to a serious story now at 39 minutes after the hour. members of an arizon
, it tells me they don't care about the people of new orleans as much. obama is telling a majority black audience that the federal government doesn't like them because they're black. he is whipping up fear and paranoia and hatred. this is exactly the opposite of what a uniter does and i think it's very revealing. >> martha: president obama's campaign blaming this video's release on mitt romney supporters who are trying to divert attention from romney's 47% remark. >> brian: first it was school lunches, now the government wants to police your dinner table, too. the usda wants parents to make meals at home that meet the new healthy school lunch standards. the same standards that have students across the country complaining they're not getting enough to eat and singing about it. on its blog, the agency urges parents to look at the school menu and incorporate those foods into family dinners to help reinforce the government's healthy standards. >> steve: good. people all across america can have the black bean burrito for every meal. >> brian: fantastic. >> steve: yeah. this is unreal. how in
. >>> to decision 2012 now. about seven hours from now, mitt romney gets his chance to tell president obama what he has been saying in tv ads and speeches. the economy is getting worse. the president confronts romney if he has written off 47% of america to get richer. the debate happens tonight in denver. tracie potts has the preview. >> reporter: president obama on the right and mitt romney on the left. questions about taxes and health care. the bar is high for the president and predicts romney's aggressiveness is not a fun balance. >> he has the facts. he drills you. he is tenacious. that is the difference between four years ago and this time. >> reporter: the bottom line, democrats say, is who has specifics. >> the american people at home are looking for details. i think you will see president obama continue to do that. >> reporter: nbc's latest poll puts the president three points ahead with romney gaining ground. >> voters are less likely to be hispanic and percentage of people 18 to 29-year-olds dropped. as a consequence of the po poll being slightly older, it moves to mitt romney. >> reporte
on the trail -- by the way, obama should say your own vice president candidate voted against simpson-bow-bowles. leaving that aside, can you tell us what loopholes you are going to cut that won't affect the middle class? he can't. >> eric: you know what else president obama can't do is talk about which entitlement he will cut to bring the deficit down which he promised four years ago. >> andrea: i don't think president obama has a leg to stand on when it comes to entitlements. in the last four years he created a giant new entitlement that will put the onerous taxes on the middle class. i think he has to keep president obama on defense all night. i've talked to a lot of people and they say the entire debate is about romney. romney needs to play to win. while president obama needs to play not to lose. as long as he can keep him on defense, which he can. the facts are on romney's side. i talked to a senior advisor and just saw the candidate, he is calm and in great spirits ready to go. >> bob: that is what they always say before debates. if you abandon your own vice president medicare p
and lighting. president obama leads republican challenger mitt romney by three percentage points in national polls. romney is within striking distance. both men have been preparing for weeks. president obama's advisers have been telling him not to be professorial. do not speak for too long. for mitt romney, they're saying do not commit a gaffe. try to stay on message. that is why he has practiced. >> mitt romney arrived in denver early, visiting a mexican fast- food restaurant. this and a 7% of hispanic voters in the u.s. support obama. the president spent three days preparing in nevada where he took time off to visit the hoover dam before leaving for denver. >> the trial over the former butler for the pope went into its third day today. >> in a briefing, the spokesman said police describe how they found documents at department. police say the pope had marked some of them to be destroyed. a tunnel is expected to return its critic on saturday -- panel is expected to return its verdict on saturday. >> the country has sought to bonds that are due to mature for longer-term debt. that reduces the
obama has to tell us why he earned four more years. he failed on everything on the economy. i disagree with everyone here. i don't think it's romney's to win. he has to win tonight. >> bob: so you want to give a guy a job you don't know anything about. >> kimberly: we gave somebody a job four years ago we didn't know anything about. >> andrea: on medicare, romney has the easiest answer in the world. president obama and democrats gutted half a trillion dollars. it's done. law of the land. >> bob: what are you goin you gg to do down there? >> andrea: he is a fixer. all he has to do is -- all the plans, bob, you haven't had the time to read or take time to read. i have one more thought. thank god you are not monitoring the debate. >> bob: if you read it through, tell me what his medicare plan is? >> kimberly: we don't have an hour-and-a-half. >> bob: romney skate in, just fine. >> greg: nobody is going to get my famous banana bread if we keep up with this attitude. andrea is back later for more coverage of the debate. up next, more on the tape of president obama that media is trying to bu
, scott, obama campaign officials tell me the president is not coming into this debate looking far slug-fest with governor romney. that he wants to have a substantive conversation. they think that benefits him. they say he looks at this debate sort of the same way he looked at his convention speech a few weeks ago as a way to reach a much larger audience of americans who are going to be tuning in and want to hear more about his plan specifically when it comes to the middle-class. so because so much of tonight's debate is going to be about the economy, they say we can expect a very frank assessment from him about where the economy was when he took office and what he's done to improve it. >> pelley: nancy, you mentioned the large audience. it's estimated more than 50 million americans will watch tonight. our chief political spore respondent jan crawford is traveling with the romney campaign. jan, same question to you: what does the governor have to do? >> reporter: scott, romney had one final meeting with his advisors and they're telling me he sees tonight as his chance to show the americ
obama. tell a joke, and they feel like they're showing you a glimpse of who you are, and you do it at your own expense subtly, it's a great tool. it's really something overlooked by manufacture these politicians. >> dean, we'll be watching for the humor. >> be too. thanks, suzanne. >> see you tomorrow. >> one politician who is not afraid to show her personality. >> in ohio! 155 -- -- tonight's debate is going to pan out. we're going to talk to her live in the next hour of cnn newsroom. >>> first presidential de2012 tonight. watch right here on cnn starting at 7:00 eastern. here's more of what we're working on for this hour at nauz room international. >> car bombs through syria. we're going to talk to cnn's own nick robertson who just got back. sometimes the currency plummets by 40% in a single week amid the pressure of u.s. sanctions. anytime soon. andp at unitedhealthcare insurance company, we understand that commitment. so does aarp, serving americans 50 and over for generations. so it's no surprise millions have chosen an aarp dicare supplement insurance plan, insured by
obama the country has come to know and trust, he is going to do a great job. >> i tell him that, you know what, sweetie, you had five boys, you learned to argue really well and make your points years ago. just go with that. >> so of course that was first lady michelle obama and ann romney offering or telling us the advice they offered up to their husbands before tonight's big debate. so, here is quick look at the format, just to catch you up to speed early. president obama won the coin toss and will be introduced first there are no opening statements, the first will answer the first question. the 90-minute debate will be divided into six 15-minute segments on domestic policy, three on the economy and one each on health care, the role of government and governing. closing statements, governor romney won a coin toss and chose to go last, wrapping up the debate. each candidate will have two minutes. as for questions for each candidate, politico's james hoeman, he has his advice for them and joins us live from the debate site in denver. james, thanks for your time. >> good to see you, tam
and it is telling that the right thinks what will unravel the presidency of barack obama and make him a one-term president, the thing that will make people vote for mitt romney is not something from the obama presidency but rather something secret from barack obama's past. something secret people didn't know about him before. if they only knew this about him, his reelection would be impossible. that's the one side of this bomb shell tape. from the other side, this year's bomb shell tapes of paul ryan and mitt romney have not been about some secret past for these men. unless you count paul ryan pledging his allegiance back in 2 2005. the tape that's made a big impact against the republican side this year has been tape of things that paul ryan and mitt romney have been saying within the past year. specifically when they are talking to conservative audiences. so two weeks ago, david corn and ryan grim at "the huffington post" posted video of romney talking to wealthy donors in florida. deriding the 47% of the country that he said did not pay federal income taxes and who were dependent on the g
in part, as best i can tell, because president obama gives a shout out to his chicago pastor at the time jeremiah wright. do either require as a first debate eve giant up-end the campaign surprise? joining us is steve smith. he's now an msnbc contributor. thank you for being here. big deal? >> probably not. it's old news. this is well-covered ground. and there's nothing in the speech that seems to me on the surface that's going to reset anything in the race. what it will do is create a conversation in conservative media about this event, the old tape here, as opposed to the expectations game that mitt romney is trying to control ahead of a really high-stakes debate. >> that's interesting. i don't mean to cast dispurgss on the journalist integrity, but i have noticed there have been a number of things that the ream campaign have wanted to inject into the campaign discussion that have been launched on the drudge report. so again, not casting dispurgss, but why do this the night before the debate? >> all of the discussion, all of the speculation in the political media is about how high the
him tell in that obama video. hey, i didn't save any tax money at all. >> right, no, of course. but also i think they believe that if they just told us, we would just say oh, okay. right? i mean there's something, we've talked about this before, that is very much of a ceo mentality that says i don't have to tell you that. you have to accept what i tell you as the truth where on the face of it it just doesn't sound right. because you want to say why did you put your money over there. we just know that can't possibly be true. but again, i think they expected that we'll deal with it for a few days, we'll have a few news cycles and it will go away because people will just believe us. i really think they thought that. >> david k. johnstone, do you have a tax return question you would like to suggest for tomorrow night. >> not that i suspect anyone would ask these, but i think the obvious ones will be will you show us any of these opinion letters that you have. i think the one i would really like to know is tell us how you made your huge for tune on the italian telephone directoies w
while president obama dam.ed the hoover >> it is spectacular. >> will tell relied heavily on mates this week to campaign. >> how they can justify raising taxes on middle-class. >> it did not take long for paul that.o pounce on >> vice-president biden today the middle class over e last four years has been buried. we agree. we need to stop digging -- start by electing mitt romney. the race is still close. every word tonight could impact election. abc news, denver. >> tonight's debate happens to fall on the same day as the obamas 20th wedding anniversary. mrs. obama will go to reno to voters and then to be .n the audience in denver they will celebrate on saturday. his campaign is asking supporters to sign an card for the first couple. the debate is at 9:00 tonight. at 11:00, scott thuman will have analysis. vice-president biden's flight into weather approaching charlotte, so the pilot circled it because of thunderstorms. landed on the second attempt. on his return trip to andrews base, that was delayed d fog, so his plane forced to land at dulles instead.onal he was taken by motorcade
for president barack obama. i can tell you, i am not happy, but i believe, most people, my estimation, most people in my estimation who voted for our president are unhappy. though polls tell you one thing and on the day when people will vote their conscience, something will happen. when people watch the presidential debates tonight, they will be listening with their eyes. they will not understand a lot of the words going by because they are not qualified to understand it. they will just say, i like what that person said. i like how they said it. stuart: i believe that you have been turned off president obama by his relationship with israel. i think that is a big issue. >> that is foolish. you do not have to be a political pundit or a world-class expert in foreign policy. if israel is not our best friend in the middle east, who is? syria? stuart: in 2008 president obama got 78% of the jewish vote. what percentage do you think you will get this time? >> foolishly, i still think it will be predominately for that. jews vote democratic. they forget there was a president whose name was lincoln wh
their flaws. mr. obama will not tell voters that he essentially disagrees with the free marketplace competitive economy this has made the usa prosperous, especially since 1900. governor romney doesn't want to explain why he has changed core beliefs on obartion, health care, things like that. in the end, i am with you, i want honest politicians who explain themselves in a direct way. the guy who does that best tomorrow night will win the debate. and the tip of the day, over the years, we have had problems with the aarp, even though i am a member. on some issues, the group has been partisan left. so when they asked me to talk about "killing kennedy," i had to think about it. would they do an honest job? i decided to talk to them and they did do an honest job. check out aarp.org and type my name. it's an interesting discussion. i think you will like it. thru go. sometimes things work like that. sometimes, they do not. i am debating whether to tell you about one very big-name person who snubbed us... i know you want me to. [laughter] >> but i don't want to be petty. let me happening abo
. >> first lady michelle obama did not attempt to lower expectationings for her husband today. >> he doesn't need much advice. he's a very good debater. so i do tell him to have fun and relax and just be himself because the truth is if he's the barack obama the country has come to know and trust, he's going to do a great job. >> the new nation nbc news poll shows that among likely voters president obama polls at 49% and mitt romney at 46%. tonight, night silver of the new york times blog, forecasts that on november 6 obama will win 318 votes and mitt romney will win 219. and president obama's chance of winning the election is now at 84.7%. joining me now john hiel man and krystal ball. when i see him out at hoover dam today, i think we are going to hear some sort of rachel like ode to hoover dam in the debate and the power of federal infrastructure spending and what it can do to this country and the economy. >> i think you're absolutely right. that is the core message. it's we're in it together versus you're on your own. and to that point, mitt romney still has never really come up with a
. >> greta: so what do you think about then senator obama's speech in go to gretawire and tell us. we are back in 90 seconds. it doesn't get any better than endless shrimp at red lobster. you can mix and match all day! [ male announcer ] red lobster's endless shrimp is back... try as much as you like, any way you like! like parmesan crusted simp just $14.99. i'm ryaisabell and i sea fd differently. to start her own interior design business. she's got a growing list of clients she keeps in touch with using e-mail marketing from constantcontact.com. constantcontact is easy and affordable. it lets her send out updates and photos that showcase her expertise and inspire her customers for only $15 a month. [ dog barking ] her dream -- to be the area's hottest interior design office. [ children laughing ] right now, she just dreams of an office. get a free trial at constantcontact.com. >> greta: what does governor romney have to do to get the job in hear from donald trump in secretary sikds. but first, the other hdz lines. >> thank you. law enforcement agencies, combing the arizona/mexican b
. there are a lot of people who wonder if what president obama says is what happened fhe tells the straight story on a day-to-day basis. i think what this video goes to -- mitt romney will bring this up tomorrow night. he will talk about the statements that the president made about his own tax plans and the things that the president's on the record, whether or not he has been truthful. he will bring up a video like this and he will ask the question about whether or not the president, who presents himself as the guy who represents everyone is really the guy who ran in 2008 and who he is now. >> i am interested it see that. i would be curious to know if mitt romney will bring it up. he will be asked about it. if not in the debate, another appearance. does he want to go where john plk cane, famously didn't go. >> sure! >> he has to make a calculation of whether or not it helps the campaign. if you are the romney folk, i am not sure you plan it out this way. obviously, potentially, it is potentially more damaging to mitt romney. but does he want to own this and make the same argument? john mccain had
taste they love. >>> he knows the job. he is a very good debater. i tell him to have fun and relax and be himself because the truth is if he is the barack obama the country has come to know and trust he is going to do a great job. >> i tell him you had five boys. you learned to argue really well and make your point years ago. just go with that. >> that is first lady michelle obama and ann romney offering their advice to their husbands. president obama heads to colorado today. mitt romney has been here since monday night. with me now is former colorado governor billowens. the second of three colorado governors i have on my show today. let me start with the same question i asked governor hickenlooper. why is colorado a swing state? what do you tell friends and families and colleagues when they ask what makes colorado such a right down the middle state? >> it is one of the best educated states in the country in terms of college graduates it is the best educated state in the country. we really are a microcosm of the country. a lot of coloradoens came from other states. and so it's a ni
, the top is telling me up the -- selling me up the river. if you're diplomatic official, you're running for your life. forget policy. the arab spring has been a total failure. and where is president obama praising what is happening? >> dana: today, they pulled all of the american personnel out of libya today. >> bob: smart thing to do. you said rebirth of islamic terrorist? >> bob: on the march. >> bob: it's been on the march for 2,000 years. >> dana: i thought it was waning. >> bob: why are you surprised by this? vastly overrated. >> greg: this comes from the fact that the administration fears words. it's afraid to call a spade a spade, which is why the fort hood thing was workplace violence. all of that stuff, they can't call it terror. they're afraid of calling it terrorism because they have a fundamental fear of calling something what it is. they're scared. >> bob: are you in that upstanding mr. issa suggesting this the administration conspired to keep us from having information? >> eric: yes. >> bob: what is your proof? what is your proof? >> eric: nine days they blamed the movie.
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